Separation of Church and State – Part 4

Now that we are on the fourth and last part of this Separation of Church and State, some may be wondering, “What does this have to do with education?” First of all, a look at some of my other blog posts would be helpful, but I will summarize here. The Bible NEVER gives the responsibility [...]

Separation of Church and State – Part 3

Anytime you hear the concept of the separation of church and state being talked about these days, it is never in regard to maintaining the restraints on government; instead, it is always talking about what Christians and churches cannot do. (D. James Kennedy, “Character & Destiny: A Nation In Search of Its Soul,” p. 50) [...]

Separation of Church and State – Part 2

When Thomas Jefferson wrote his letter to the Baptist congregation in Danbury, Connecticut, in 1802, eleven years after the Bill of Rights had been ratified, he said that the First Amendment errected a “wall of separation” between Church and State. Even though Jefferson was a brilliant man and an important force in helping to establish [...]

Separation of Church and State – Part 1

The issue about the separation of Church and State has been, and continues to be, a pressing and misunderstood matter. It is my plan in the next several weeks to post articles pertaining to this issue. In this post, I am starting from the beginning: the letter from the Danbury Baptist Association to the President [...]