2014 Quality Living Made Simple Survey

I am trying to make improvements to this blog and podcast as we approach the one year anniversary of the podcast.

I want your opinions!

Fill out the survey below to give me your feedback on this. I’ll be compiling this information and use it to bring content that is better for you. If you don’t mind, share this survey with your friends and family so that I can get the most and best information possible.

What does "Quality Living" mean to you?
What do you struggle with most in having a better quality of life?
What is a simple tip or tool that helps you have a better quality of life?
What topics would you like to read/hear more of on the blog/podcast?
Who would you like me to try to get an interview with for the podcast? What specific topic would you like from this person?
What other things would you like to see on the blog/podcast?