Simple Tips to Keep Your Life on Track | Jon Stolpe (#055)


This episode features Jon Stolpe. Jon is an author and blogger at, where he has an emphasis on "stretching" yourself. Check out his site or connect with him on Twitter. 1. What does "quality living" mean to you personally? Col. 4:2-6 Making the most out of every opportunity Sharing your faith with someone With family, co-workers, friends, acquaintances. 2. What is … [Continue reading]

3 Ways to Choose the Better Part – Guest Post by Lily Kreitinger

hand working business

This is a guest post by Lily Kreitinger. She works as an instructional designer, creating online programs for corporate clients and she commutes three hours every day. She and her husband homeschool Emily. She also runs Kreitinger Design Studio, helping bloggers become authors. You can also follow her on Twitter. How do you do it all? It’s a common question I get. I have been happily … [Continue reading]