Back to School; and Labor Day Book Sale (#062)

First day of school

This is a busy time of year for many people. Kids are getting back to school. For my family, we are homeschooling, and have been going for two weeks already. It has been a change. I'm used to teaching Jr. High and High School students (and adults). Switching to Kindergarten and 3rd grade is taking some adjustment. In this episode, I reflect over some of my previous teaching … [Continue reading]

Simple things you can look at to improve your health (#61)

I'm 33 now. I can't live and eat like I was at 13, or even at 23. I have struggled with maintaining my weight. That and other personal choices have caused a negative impact on my health. Note this before continuing: I am not a doctor, trainer, or expert in this field at all. This is just a reflection of my own observations and experiences. I had a doctor's visit in June for a yearly … [Continue reading]