Free bonuses for National Podcast Day (#065)


September 30 was the first annual National Podcast Day. In celebration of this, there are several things this week for you: Mark Sieverkropp was a previous guest and has provided several gifts for you as a listener and supporter of this podcast: "Start a Conversation With Anyone, Anytime" (for sale on to you!) 4 Keys to Great "Reach Out" Emails PDF Free Sample of my … [Continue reading]

Relaunch interview; Website consultations; 2014 Survey (#064)


There are just a couple things I want to mention in this episode: Interview with Joel and Dr. Pei of the Relaunch Show I was able to interview the hosts of the Relaunch Show on my other podcast. I share a short clip from that episode, but you can listen to the entire episode on Creative Studio Academy. Website consultations I am looking to expand my website consulting business, Dev By JR. I am … [Continue reading]